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Eyes and ears

When was the last time you had the time to sit down with staff and run through aspects of a client case to facilitate a learning experience?

And is this learning by osmosis a worthwhile use of your time?

Perhaps the answer to these questions is wrapped up in the statement “what is the value of an extra pair of eyes and ears”.

A practitioner working with four staff has five times as much opportunity to pick up client issues than a sole practitioner working alone. And if the principle spends time with his staff explaining and interpreting work done, then these extra eyes and ears are better equipped to notice client problems and therefore create more opportunities for firms to sell solutions.

Apart from providing an opportunity to increase staff skills, sharing the scope of the services you offer by explaining issues raised by clients and how you have solved them, will objectify services and leverage delivery.

Time invested in this way is just that, an investment, and one that will pay off for clients, staff and practice profits.

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